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Food Retail & Distribution

Delayed Japan Exchange 02:00:00 2024-05-21 am EDT 5-day change 1st Jan Change
257 JPY +6.64% Intraday chart for Poplar Co., Ltd. +10.30% +33.16%
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Sales 2022 13.63B 87.24M Sales 2023 13.06B 83.62M Capitalization 1.65B 10.56M
Net income 2022 -518M -3.32M Net income 2023 -237M -1.52M EV / Sales 2022 0.2 x
Net Debt 2022 980M 6.27M Net Debt 2023 1.04B 6.64M EV / Sales 2023 0.21 x
P/E ratio 2022
-3.39 x
P/E ratio 2023
-6.96 x
Employees 181
Yield 2022 *
Yield 2023
Free-Float 43.42%
More Fundamentals * Assessed data
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Vizsla Copper Announces CEO Appointment, Poplar Strategy Update MT
Vizsla Copper Buying Universal Copper MT
China's Country Garden looks to sell $570 million London development RE
Universal Copper Announces Funding of Loan Agreement MT
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Pipeline companies to pay $12.5 mln in penalties after spills in Montana, North Dakota RE
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Poplar Co., Ltd. announced that it has received ¥700 million in funding from Hirogin Capital Partners Co., Ltd., MIT Corporate Advisory Services Co., Ltd., Investment Arm CI
Poplar Co., Ltd. announced that it expects to receive ¥700 million in funding from Hirogin Capital Partners Co., Ltd., MIT Corporate Advisory Services Co., Ltd., Investment Arm CI
Aviation biofuel would need half of UK agricultural land, report says AN
Universal Copper Reports Completion of 3D Geological Modelling at Poplar Copper Deposit; Down 37.5% in Early Frankfurt Trading MT
Osiajee Texofab Unit Starts Operations of Plantation in Hoshiarpur, India MT
Universal Copper Outlines Drill Results from Poplar Copper Deposit MT
EhonNavi Corporation announced that it has received funding from Nippon Television Network Corporation, SIG Asia Investments, LLLP, Poplar Co., Ltd., Spotlight Inc., Kodansha Ltd., Kadokawa Corporation CI
Universal Copper Set To Close Up 12.5% After News Of Drill Mobilization At Poplar Copper Project MT
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Managers TitleAgeSince
Founder 80 76-03-31
Director/Board Member 54 03-01-31
Investor Relations Contact - -
Members of the board TitleAgeSince
Founder 80 76-03-31
Director/Board Member 70 15-04-30
Investor Relations Contact - -
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Date Price Change Volume
24-05-21 257 +6.64% 175,100
24-05-20 241 -0.82% 33,400
24-05-17 243 +4.74% 135,500
24-05-16 232 +0.87% 31,300
24-05-15 230 -1.29% 22,600

Delayed Quote Japan Exchange, May 21, 2024 at 02:00 am EDT

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POPLAR Co., Ltd. is a Japan-based company that is mainly engaged in the operation of convenience stores. The Company also operates food manufacture and wholesale businesses, the drug store operation business, as well as the insurance agency business. The Convenience Store segment operates market-based and community-based convenience stores under the names POPLAR, SEIKATSU SAIKA, Kurashi House and Three Eight.
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