Popular Vehicles and Services Limited reported Action taken against the company. (Disclosure under Regulation 30 read with Clause 20 of Para A of Part A of Schedule III of SEBI Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements Regulations, 2015. Name of the authority- Commissioner Appeals Cochin, Nature and details of the action(s) taken, initiated or order(s) passed- Out of total demand of INR 1.277 million, INR 1.238 million dropped and Balance INR 0.039 million confirmed: The Break up is as follows: Tax confirmed- INR 0.017 million; Penalty u/s 78- INR 0.017 million; Penalty u/s 77(2)- INR 0.005 million; TOTAL- INR 0.039 million.

Date of receipt of direction or order, including any ad-interim or interim orders, or any other communication from the authority- June 11, 2024. Details of the violation(s) /contravention(s) committed or alleged to be committed- Cenvat credit is not eligible on the invoices issued by M/s Nexa Logistics since the service provided by them is exclusively for trading purpose only. Impact on financial, operation or other activities of the listed entity, quantifiable in monetary terms to the extent possible- INR 0.065 million (including interest applicable).