ClearMotion and Porsche AG have signed a collaboration agreement to work together on the future of vehicle dynamics. This collaboration on proactive chassis systems could mark a major step forward in delivering unparalleled vehicle dynamics. Under this agreement, Porsche and ClearMotion will collaborate on both ClearMotion1, a high-bandwidth active suspension technology, and RoadMotion, a road surface fingerprinting software for proactive chassis control.

ClearMotion1 works by rapidly adapting a vehicle to the road surface and effectively canceling unwanted motion up to high frequencies. Combined with RoadMotion, the technologies work together to optimize safety, performance, and comfort using machine learning to crowdsource high-fidelity road surface data that enables a vehicle to anticipate road conditions ahead and make proactive decisions. The agreement offers the potential for Porsche to further improve its already famously high-performing chassis.

In addition, Porsche and ClearMotion signed a license agreement.