Primax Electronics Ltd. extends an invitation to attendees to discover the latest advancements showcasing from April 9th to 12th, 2024. This event is a unique chance to witness pioneering solutions designed to bolster security and enhance user convenience. Coinciding with the 2024 ISC West Expo in Las Vegas, Primax will showcase its latest security innovations near the event venue.

This initiative, underscores Primax's commitment to advancing industry safety and technology. This year's exhibit showcases an array of smart security devices, emphasizing the company's dedication to providing a one stop, customized technological solutions. Each product exemplifies their commitment to address the varied requirements of clients with innovative and precise solutions.

Featured highlights include: The Latest in Barrier Security for Private and Public Spaces: Primax's advanced sensor fusion technology seamlessly combines customizable AI-driven cameras with radar systems to deliver top-tier multi-object tracking and detection from the likes of vehicles, people, motorcycles, and bikes, ensuring adaptability, reliability, and accuracy for numerous applications. Equipped with a 4X ARM Cortex-A53 processor and an integrated AI engine, the company's new technology showcases a commitment to high performance and smart functionality. With 8MP CMOS image sensors for superior image quality and dual-frequency mmWave radar for enhanced detection, it supports advanced features like outdoor virtual fences and multi-threat detection, with reliable operation in challenging weather conditions.

Another solution from Primax transcends traditional security measures by focusing on designs that cater specifically to discreet elderly care, with the use of its pioneering cameraless radar technology for true privacy. Primax's innovative approach also encompasses advanced fall detection, presence monitoring, safety virtual fencing, and instant alert features, significantly enhancing safety and care standards. These systems ensure easy installation and smooth network integration with ONVIF profiles, compatible with diverse power and connectivity protocols, including Power over Ethernet, facilitating straightforward incorporation into existing infrastructures.

Advanced 3D Facial Authentication Door Access Controls | MATTER Complied: Primax specializes in creating cutting-edge security technologies for access control. The company integrates high-precision 3D AI facial recognition for identity authentication, along with NFC and PIN code access for secure and varied entry methods. These technologies are designed to provide efficient and reliable user access in different scenarios.

The products are engineered to be weather-resistant and incorporate anti-spoofing features to prevent unauthorized entry. Energy management is also a focus, with devices capable of utilizing rechargeable batteries for consistent power supply. In terms of connectivity, expect Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, and Matter, ensuring compatibility with existing smart home and office networks.

The systems facilitate remote management of user access and provide two-way audio for communication, enhancing security protocols. Primax offers straightforward installations and ease of use, offering in-stride authentication and the option for remote user enrollment.