Clearblue®, the world's best-selling brand of home pregnancy and fertility tests, has teamed up with actress Gabrielle Union, an active advocate of women's health, for menopause.

The Clearblue Menopause Stage Indicator is the first and only product to combine both a woman's urinary FSH results with her age and cycle history to indicate her likely stage of menopause.

' Nearly half of women confuse their menopausal symptoms with other health problems such as stress or the flu, and may not realize that this is actually the beginning of the menopausal journey' says the group.

' Menopause is a subject we often still ignore, and women feel confused, silenced and unprepared. Having a product like the Menopause Stage Indicator at my disposal would have been an eye-opening resource for me when I started looking for answers. said Ms. Union.

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