PTT Public Company Limited announced that the 2024's Annual General Meeting of shareholders of Alpha Com Company Limited on 15 March 2024. The resolution was passed to approve the establishment of ExpressSo NB SG Company Limited (ExpresSo NB SG) in Singapore, which Alpha Com holds 100%, to be a holding company for Venture Capital investments in overseas with an initial registered capital of USD 10 million. In Addition, the establishment of ExpresSo NB SG is expected to be completed within 2024.

This transaction is not a connected transaction and the transaction size does not require any disclosure under regulations on acquisition and disposition of assets of the listed companies. However, this is to report that a listed company or its subsidiary company acquires of an investment in another company, which results in that other company becoming to be a subsidiary company of the listed company or its subsidiary company. Therefore, this transaction designates ExpresSo NB SG as the subsidiary of PTT.