Pullup reported higher-than-anticipated sales for the January-March period on Thursday evening, prompting a rise in its share price on the Paris Bourse on Friday.

The former Focus Entertainment company reports that sales for the 4th quarter of its 2023/24 financial year came to 59 million euros, compared with 52.6 million euros a year earlier, representing growth of 12%.

In its press release, the video game group points out that this growth was essentially driven by the strength of its back catalog, i.e. titles released in previous years.

This portfolio alone contributed 35.4 million euros to quarterly revenues, a figure multiplied by 3.4 year-on-year, to represent 60% of total sales.

Full-year sales were down 4% to 187.3 million euros, two-thirds of which were again generated by the back-catalog, which includes games such as 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', 'Evil West' and 'Atomic Heart'.

By way of comparison, Euroland analysts were expecting sales of 184.6 million euros.

With regard to its outlook, Pullup said it expected sales growth and a rebound in earnings for fiscal year 2024/25.

The group also announced the appointment of Ahmed Boukhelifa, a former Ubisoft executive, as deputy managing director in charge of studios.

Following all these announcements, the share price rose by more than 2% on Friday afternoon on the Paris Bourse.

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