q.beyond AG provided earnings guidance for the second half of 2022. q.beyond's organic growth will be boosted in the second half of 2022 by the package of measures outlined above. These were introduced in response to the business performance not fully conforming to expectations, particularly in the SAP segment.

If these measures show their planned effects, q.beyond will still be able to reach the targets published at the end of March for the 2022 financial year as a whole. Including one acquisition in the energy sector, these involved generating revenues of between EUR 180 million and EUR 200 million, EBITDA of between EUR 8 million and EUR 16 million. Excluding the acquisition now called off and in view of the current business framework, the company's revenues and EBITDA will be at the lower end of these forecast ranges.

Based on current planning and like in the previous year, q.beyond expects to see a strong second half of the financial year. Driven by rising revenues, earnings will show disproportionate growth thanks to the company's scalable business model. This assumes that the underlying conditions in the German economy do not deteriorate any further.

Based on this budget, q.beyond still plans for double-digit growth in its Cloud business, a significant increase in SaaS revenues and for the SAP segment to overcome the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.