QIAGEN and Myriad Genetics announced they will develop a globally distributable kit-based test for analyzing Homologous Recombination Deficiency (HRD) status. This next-generation sequencing (NGS) test aims to support research into personalized medicine in multiple solid tumor types, including ovarian cancer and is expected to enhance decentralized testing capacities once a regulated product is developed with pharmaceutical partners. The project builds on the recently announced master collaboration agreement between the two companies.

The test will be based on QIAGEN?s QIAseq xHYB technology, QIAGEN Digital Insight solutions, which creates a sample to insight HRD solutions, and Myriad?s proprietary FDA-approved MyChoice CDx, a single-site PMA-approved centralized testing service for analyzing HRD in certain tumors. MyChoice CDx assesses the HRD status by examining a tumor?s DNA repair capabilities, particularly focusing on BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations and calculating a Genome Instability Score (GIS). The GIS aids in pinpointing ovarian cancer patients who are most likely to benefit from targeted treatments, such as LYNPARZA® (olaparib) by AstraZeneca.

The MyChoice CDx assay can identify 34% more tumors with HRD using the GIS score compared to other methods only using percent loss of heterozygosity (%LOH). Given that approximately 48% of ovarian cancer tumors exhibit HRD, often due to specific mutations within the tumor, expanding access to this assay is vital for advancing personalized medicine and ensuring that patients receive the most appropriate treatments. QIAGEN will manage the development and distribution of the kit-based HRD test outside of the United States.

The IP license grants QIAGEN the capability to collaborate with pharmaceutical partners to create an IVD-validated test, intended for use as a companion diagnostic outside of the United States. The combined regulatory expertise of QIAGEN and Myriad enables seamless compliance and integration in clinical and companion diagnostic applications. QIAGEN?s QIAseq panels enable efficient and accurate NGS library preparation.

Over 4 million samples have been processed with QIAseq panels for cancer testing applications. QIAGEN has master collaboration agreements to develop and commercialize companion diagnostics with more than 30 global pharma and biotech companies ? a deep pipeline that helps advance precision medicine in diverse disease indications, tailoring a patient?s treatment to the genetic profile identified by companion diagnostics testing.

Myriad has provided testing support for hundreds of clinical trials, has obtained 10 companion diagnostic approvals from the FDA and PMDA, and anticipates that the QIAGEN partnership will drive the expansion of the Myriad?s oncology products portfolio.