QIAGEN N.V. announced a series of new products to further enhance cancer research as well as to enable urine collection and stabilization as a new approach for liquid biopsy. These three new products, along with the IVD version of QIAGEN's digital PCR platform QIAcuity set for launch in mid-2024, are to be featured at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) in San Diego, California, from April 5-10. The new products involve the following: The newly launched QIAcuity dPCR PanCancer Kits will allow researchers using QIAGEN's QIAcuity d PCR system to detect multiple EGFR and BRAF hallmark mutations at the same time and with high sensitivity.

QIAGEN will also highlight at the AACR meeting the upcoming launch of the QIAcuity system for IVD testing - the expansion of its digital PCR technology from research to the clinical setting. The QIAcuityDx system offers a custom assay development environment alongside IVD functionality, providing labs with a simplified yet regulatory-compliant route to run IVD assays or lab-developed tests (LDTs) and generate results within the same working day.