Qiagen N.V. (NYSE:QGEN) is looking for acquisitions. Chief Financial Officer, Roland Sackers said, "Given our healthy balance sheet and strong cash flows, we want to create value through our capital allocation policy that has served us well. We continue to invest organically into the business while also reviewing various targeted bolt-on acquisitions that would complement our portfolio.

The share repurchase at the start of '24 is also a signal of our views about the valuation of QIAGEN and our commitment to increasing returns". Chief Executive Officer, Thierry Bernard said, "On capital deployment, so around the 3 main axis for capital deployment, I think that QIAGEN still prioritize organic investment and R&D or growth with our investment in R&D. You know that we have a ratio which is slightly above 10% of R&D, research and development investments to sales. But we want also these investments to be profitable.

So I would say priority to profitable organic investment. You know that we have also a very healthy balance sheet. So we are constantly looking at potentially accretive and synergistic acquisition, mainly bolt-on.

We have several discussions ongoing. It's too early to give details, but it's clearly a priority. And third, obviously, anytime we see a good opportunity to return value to our shareholders as we have proven, for example, with the recent share buyback, we will not hesitate to do that.

But that would be basically in order of priorities".