Volta Labs and the OEM business of QIAGEN announced they will leverage their technologies to increase the availability of sample preparation kits for next-generation sequencing (NGS). Volta Labs and OEM by QIAGEN will partner on the production of reagents and other elements necessary for the development of the Callisto sample preparation kits. These kits are specifically engineered to isolate high-molecular-weight DNA, resulting in exceptionally high yields and pure genomic DNA for downstream library preparation and NGS.

The collaboration enables Volta Labs to ramp up production and support growing demand for their products. The Callisto? Sample Prep System offers programmable, precise, and plastic-free liquid manipulation with pre-optimized applications to support short- and long-read sequencing workflows.

Paired with proven reagents from OEM by QIAGEN, Callisto transforms the way in which standard protocols are implemented and executed, significantly improving operational flexibility, scalability and access to meaningful insights.