Qlucore, a leading provider of powerful visualization-based bioinformatics data analysis tools, announces the launch of the Qlucore Omics Explorer Cloud version. This new version enables users to run and quickly share data analysis from internet-connected computers, tablets and phones, regardless of location.

Qlucore Omics Explorer is a next-generation bioinformatics software used for research in the life sciences, plant and biotech industries, as well as in academia. The powerful and flexible visualization-based data analysis tool, with inbuilt statistics, delivers immediate results and provides instant exploration and visualization of big data. The new cloud packages enable users to run the latest version of Qlucore Omics Explorer in a cloud setting, taking advantage of central cloud computing as well as encrypted storage.
Carl-Johan Ivarsson, CEO of Qlucore says,
“The latest version of Qlucore Omics Explorer has several unique and valuable capabilities, including unrivaled speed and the ability to instantly update plots and visualizations. We have now been able to move these capabilities, and all existing functionality, to the cloud. This functionality is combined in a package with cloud computing power as well as secure storage. With the new cloud option, data analysis is even easier and more flexible. You can run an analysis and show it in a moment, regardless of where you are.”
There are two packages available immediately. Standard, which is ideal for most omics data and analysis, including RNA-seq, and Performance, for single-cell RNA-seq and other large data sets. The packages are available at Qlucore.com.

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