(MT Newswires) -- Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon says the industry is in the genesis of integrating AI into edge devices, a move that follows its initial development in data centres and the cloud. Amon mentions AI applications that are already commercially available, such as real-time translation and improvements in photography. AI models are made available to developers for integration into applications, which can then be deployed on Snapdragon-powered devices. He talks about the stability of the smartphone market despite the macroeconomic challenges of 2023 and suggests that AI could stimulate a new growth cycle for the industry.
Amon discusses the geopolitical implications for semiconductor companies, arguing that leading companies with differentiated products will have significant business in the US, Europe and China, regardless of geopolitical tensions, thanks to their market position. He concludes that Qualcomm has seen its presence in China grow despite geopolitics because of its leadership position.

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