Lakeside Software announced a new partnership with Qualtrics, designed to revolutionize the employee experience. By combining their leading technologies in quantitative and qualitative data analysis, Lakeside and Qualtrics will empower organizations to comprehensively understand their employees' digital experiences with technology and drive meaningful improvements across their workforce. Shared customers will benefit from a 360-degree view of the employee experience, resulting in enhanced employee digital experience and sentiment as well as more efficient evaluation of experience data, leading to IT help-desk efficiencies and reduced mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Proactive enhancements driven by these insights will improve employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention. The key initiatives of this partnership include: Unified employee experience health score: Lakeside and Qualtrics will provide a holistic view of quantitative and qualitative data in a single dashboard. Together, this unparalleled data will inform a single employee experience health score to track performance and define the industry-standard for measuring Experience Level Agreements (XLAs).

Proactive IT: Building on Lakeside's robust proactive alerting capabilities, employees can be notified of a technology issue before an IT ticket is placed and, in partnership with Qualtrics, be proactively surveyed to validate their sentiment and qualitative experience with the technology, freeing up critical IT resources to focus on the most pressing issues. Prioritized surveys and solutions: Combining telemetry and sentiment data, IT teams can see the highest-impact disturbances and survey select power users so that they can measure which solutions will lead to larger increases in both employee satisfaction and productivity.