Qualtrics announced XM/os2, the next generation of the Qualtrics platform, fully enabled with artificial intelligence (AI) to help organizations act with empathy and create more relevant and meaningful experiences. With the launch of XM/os2, Qualtrics is investing $500 million in AI innovation over the next four years. XM/os2 harnesses the power of Qualtrics AI and new generative AI capabilities and the database of human sentiment to deliver personalized content and real-time recommendations across every product, for every user.

Qualtrics now captures and analyzes more than 3.5 billion conversations and interactions a year--including call center conversations, chat logs, survey responses, social media posts, product reviews and more--creating the database of experience profiles in the world. Qualtrics is unleashing the power of this vast data set with AI to deliver personalized content and drive automated actions that make frontline workers more productive, make HR leaders and managers more effective and empower product, brand and research teams with decision intelligence in seconds. New generative AI innovations in Qualtrics FrontlineXM make support agents more productive and help them resolve customer issues faster and with more empathy.

Qualtrics can recommend and generate personalized responses based on each customer's profile data in Qualtrics ExperienceID (XiD), so frontline managers can quickly respond to customer feedback on review sites, social media and other channels in a way that takes into account a customer's history with the company and the tone required for each situation. Real-Time Agent Assist now uses AI to summarize relevant, real-time information during a service conversation into key points, providing the agent with prescriptive steps to take to solve the problem based on each caller's needs, emotions and history with a company. New generative AI capabilities in Qualtrics Automated Call Summaries automatically summarize calls and enable agents to instantly generate support tickets, send personalized follow-up emails, and create support knowledge base articles using real-time information about customer issues and historical customer data from XiD.

Qualtrics XM for People Teams captures structured employee feedback from engagement surveys, as well as unstructured feedback from sources like public Slack channels and job site reviews. New generative AI capabilities will automatically summarize employee feedback and behavior data--such as how many hours they're working, how full their calendars are and whether they are answering work messages after hours--and then correlate that data to each employee's overall well-being. This gives managers a continuous signal for how their employees are feeling and what they can do to support them.

Instead of static dashboards, Qualtrics Manager Assist gives managers personalized AI-powered coaching based on survey results, open-text comment areas and continuous listening to help them become more effective. Additionally, new predictive AI capabilities in XM for People Teams will analyze behavior data to identify teams with a high risk of attrition over the next six months and surface the most likely reasons employees might leave, so managers and HR leaders can proactively improve intent-to-stay. AI-Powered Innovations Revolutionize Access to Insights and Drive Action: Qualtrics Research Hub brings together the millions of data points that make up all of the research and feedback across an organization?brand studies, customer feedback, market data and more?into an intelligent search that puts research at any team member?s fingertips.

Now with generative AI, any researcher or product manager can type a question into Research Hub and get insights and answers instantly. Qualtrics Video Feedback can capture six times more content than traditional open-end text responses, while also providing a richer understanding of feedback through a user?s facial expressions and tone of voice. New AI capabilities in Qualtrics Video Feedback surface key trends and associated quotes and insights from customers' video feedback and instantly generate a simple summary that can be shared and understood across the organization.

XM/os2 Delivers Enhanced, Secure Customer Segmentation and Personalized Actions: Qualtrics is revolutionizing how companies gather structured feedback by introducing new AI-powered dynamic feedback capabilities. With AI, using both real-time and historical context, Qualtrics can dynamically change the questions an organization asks its customers and employees to resolve issues faster and get more valuable feedback than ever before. For example, a flier giving feedback after losing their bag might see follow-up questions that will help the airline find the bag more quickly and make it up to the customer based on their preferences, how often they fly and where they are trying to go.

At the core of Qualtrics XM/os2 are three powerful interconnected services?Experience ID, iQ, and xFlow?now fully enabled with AI, which help companies create rich customer profiles, analyze feedback data to detect trends and gaps and empower action throughout an organization. New auto-segmentation capabilities in XiD use AI to automatically group customers and employees into segments, such as teams, geographies, industries and more so organizations can easily identify emerging trends and take the right action with the right audience at the right time. New GPT capabilities in xFlow enable organizations to automatically trigger GPT-powered actions in the systems their teams are already using, with their own OpenAI account.