The CIMAMotor 2023, a major annual trade show in the world of emobility, came to a successful end at the Chongqing International Expo Center in China. Queclink Wireless Solutions Co., Ltd. showcased its lineup of smart products and solutions for motorcycles, e-mopeds, e-bikes, and e-scooters at the event, introducing their latest innovation to a broader audience and catalyzing the era of smart riding. Since its presence in the global market for emobility, Queclink has leveraged its extensive technical expertise and collaborative experience in IoT device designing and manufacturing.

It has introduced a range of solutions for two-wheelers in partnerships with multiple leading enterprises in the industry. This year, Queclink and QJMotor, a leading brand in the motorcycle industry, jointly presented the QJMotor Hong 150 CITY, a smart motorcycle equipped with Queclink's MT105 at the CIMAMotor event. This 4G tracker, tailored for QJMotor's high-displacement motorcycle models, supports Bluetooth unlocking, remote immobilization, as well as communication with the ECU for information on fuel levels, speed, and engine temperature.

Leveraging the GPS and 4G cellular technology, the device ensures real-time tracking, offering peace of mind to riders while enabling them to share their journeys with family and friends. Besides, Queclink showcased an array of its highlight products encompassing comprehensive emobility categories, including the SC40C and SC300 for e-mopeds, SC350MG for e-bikes, and the ZK102 for shared e-scooters. The latest SC350MG, as a product designed specifically for e-bikes, stands out with its versatile features, compact design, and long-term durability.

This product launched earlier in August is suitable for a wide range of e-bike and e-mopeds and has already been put into volume production, finding applications in various scenarios worldwide. In the evolving landscape of the global emobility market, innovative IoT products are a focal point of every industrial discussion. Queclink's solutions bridge the gap between bikes, riders, manufacturers, dealers, and maintenance providers, ensuring transparency throughout operations while minimizing concerns such as asset theft, complex manual unlocking processes, lost keys, or sudden fuel depletion.

For business and individuals seeking a swift and cost-effective transition to smart mobility, Queclink is positioned to support and lead the way. As the trend toward smart emobility accelerates, Queclink is set for sustained growth. The company will continue to provide more innovative solutions to its global customers, making the connected, eco-friendly riding a reality.