(Alliance News) - The board of directors of RedFish LongTerm Capital Spa and the board of directors of its 96 percent subsidiary Movinter Srl have

approved on Wednesday evening Movinter's signing of a preliminary agreement to acquire 75 percent of the shares of Six Italia Spa, a historic Genovese operator active in the manufacture of complex fire protection, soundproofing and flooring systems for ship supply and rolling stock markets, including high-speed rail.

The shares to be sold will be 28.04% held by partner Fabio Raffaghello, 27.73% by partner Fortunato Guida, 13.38% by K2 Engineering, a company owned by the same Fabio Raffaghello and Fortunato Guida, 3.85% by Giulio Morbelli, and the remaining 2.00% by Laura Valaperta, for a total purchase by Movinter of a 75% stake in the share capital of Six Italia for a closing consideration of EUR1.8 million.

The remaining 25 percent of Six Italia's share capital will remain owned by Fabio Raffaghello with 15 percent and Fortunato Guida with 10 percent.

RedFish LongTerm Capital closed Wednesday's session 3.5 percent in the red at EUR1.26 per share

By Maurizio Carta, Alliance News reporter

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