Reliance Power Limited announced debt default on principal and interest. Nature of obligation: Term Loan. Name of the Lender(s): DBS Bank India and Axis Bank.

Date of default is December 31, 2023. Current default amount (break-up of principal and interest in INR): DBS Bank India - Under standstill (pursuant to settlement); Axis Bank- Principle - INR 80 million; Interest - INR 27.4 million. Details of the obligation: DBS Bank India- Under standstill (pursuant to settlement); Axis Bank: Total Principal Amount- INR 500 million; Interest rate - 6 month USD Term SOFR '+0.42826%+4.5% p.a. Secured /Unsecured ?

Secured; Total amount of outstanding borrowings from Banks /financial institutions (in INR): INR 6,290 million includes accrued interest; Total financial indebtedness of the listed entity including short-term and long-term debt (in INR): INR 7,760 million includes accrued interest.