LexisNexis® Legal & Professional, (www.lexisnexis.com) today introduced innovative new real-time legal writing management features within Lexis® for Microsoft® Office that dramatically increase the speed, productivity and confidence with which legal professionals prepare documents for submission to court. Most notably, users can now instantly verify and format citations and quotes, quickly create and update the table of authorities in the required court jurisdiction style, and easily insert complete citations of Lexis® content. Video tutorials on the new features and information about Lexis for Microsoft Office are available at: www.lexisnexis.com/newlexis/office.

Launched in 2010, Lexis for Microsoft Office combines innovative drafting tools and seamless access to information and services from LexisNexis® and the open Web - all without leaving the Microsoft® Outlook® and Microsoft® Word desktop applications legal professionals use every day.

"Legal professionals have told us about their constant struggle with tedious and time-consuming tasks required to submit documents to court - no matter what technology they use - particularly verifying citation formats, checking the accuracy of quotes and creating tables of authorities," said Jeff Arvin, vice president and managing director of Lexis for Microsoft Office, LexisNexis Legal & Professional. "The new functionality in Lexis for Microsoft Office substantially streamlines those tasks and helps ensure accuracy and compliance, enabling lawyers to confidently create and review documents while maintaining their focus on legal analysis."

"'The new functionality has a lot of great features that will save hours when drafting and finalizing motions," said Bryan Owens, attorney at Irvine, Calif., law firm Callahan Thompson Sherman & Caudill. "The Check Cite Format feature is a great feature to mark and ensure all citations are proper. That feature is only made better by the TOA and quote check features."

LexisNexis teamed up with Dakota Legal Software, an innovative citation software provider, to offer these easy-to-use drafting tools that dynamically access the vast and trusted collection of resources from Lexis as well as the most up-to-date format requirements and citation style manuals, to simplify citation formatting tasks for any legal document users create or review. Key new features launched today include:

  • Check Cite Format - formats citations real-time to ensure they conform to citation style manuals. Users may set citation format preferences by selecting from a variety of citation style manuals.
  • Check Quotes - updates all cited quotes to ensure they are accurate compared to the original source documents while providing options for corrections and formatting.
  • Table of Authorities - enables the user to quickly create and continually update an accurate and complete table of authorities that conforms to the selected jurisdictional style requirements.
  • Manage Citation Forms while Editing - instantly and seamlessly updates citation formats to short or long form (or Id or Supra) according to the citation's location within a document when editing and changing citation order.
  • Complete Citation of Lexis Content - when copying text from cases from the Lexis service, users may easily insert correctly formatted precedential authority citations to support arguments. Options include the ability to insert copied text as a quote or plain text.

Today's release is the most recent set of enhancements for Lexis for Microsoft Office and follows the addition of efficiency tools and capabilities specifically for transactional attorneys launched in August 2011. Future releases will continue to expand capabilities and content access.

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