Renault announces that Hyvia, its joint venture with Plug dedicated to hydrogen mobility, and Hype, a pioneer in hydrogen cabs, are to form a partnership with the aim of accelerating decarbonized hydrogen mobility.

The idea is to rapidly develop the use of hydrogen mobility by increasing volumes to reduce costs.

The partnership covers the whole ecosystem of decarbonated H2 mobility: supply of decarbonated hydrogen, H2 distribution stations and hydrogen vehicles.

In concrete terms, Hyvia will supply Hype with decarbonated hydrogen via a 1 MW electrolyzer in Flins to power its network in the Paris region.

Two H2 stations will be deployed by the end of 2024, including one at the RENAULT dealership in Corbeil-Essonnes. HYVIA will also supply a Renault Master Van H2-TECH to HYPE, and will deliver at least 9 additional vehicles in 2024.

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