Concept Reply, a company within the Reply Group specialising in IoT innovation, has expanded the capabilities of its Test Automation Framework to include the validation of electric vehicle charging systems. Using digital models (digital twins) integrated into the proprietary test cycle automation framework, Concept Reply's solution allows for the measurement of reliability, efficiency, and safety levels of charging stations by simulating complex scenarios in a controlled virtual environment. Implemented at the Global Test Automation Center, Reply's laboratory specialising in the automation of product and service tests, the new Test Automation Framework for charging systems provides 360-degree monitoring of all touchpoints connected to the charging station. This includes web portals, mobile applications, charging stations, and electric vehicle simulators.

With the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the framework not only implements standard end-to-end testing functions but also includes specific scenarios to verify interactions between various components and devices in a complex outdoor ecosystem managed by multiple entities. The progressive transformation of the transport ecosystem towards smart mobility models and V2X scenarios is leading to a rapid increase in installed charging stations. This necessitates operators of sustainable mobility to provide services that are not only user-friendly but increasingly reliable and secure.

In this scenario, digital competencies are crucial for managing both charging infrastructures and vehicles.