Reply announces the launch of AI Product Discovery a real-time 3D product configurator powered by generative AI. The solution introduces a new mode of interaction with digital twins, simplifying the understanding of the product and its variations, thus enhancing the overall product configuration experience. Developed by Infinity Reply and Machine Learning Reply, specialised companies within the Reply group focusing on 3D Content & Spatial Computing and AI, "AI Product Discovery" enables the creation of highly realistic real-time 3D representations of objects and environments, thanks to Epic's Unreal Engine technology.

Leveraging generative AI, the configurator provides a digital assistant on the Large Language Model by OpenAI but is integratable with other Large Language Models as well, interacting with and supporting the end user during configuration activities. The AI Product Discovery configurator provides a seamless, intuitive, and personalised experience. It employs a generative AI model that guides the user through configuration paths, offering precise and contextualised information about each product or brand's specific features.

Additionally, it allows for the creation of unique patterns of materials and textures. By utilising voice, gestures, or text commands, users can seamlessly customise the product in real-time ? altering finishes, colours, materials, and options.

Thanks to advanced real-time 3D technologies, users have control over the product's animations and a better visualisation of its features and movements. Its versatile design enables AI Product Discovery to cater to diverse sectors, ranging from automotive and retail to home appliance manufacturing, offering round-the-clock personalised assistance through both physical and digital platforms.