(Alliance News) - Reply Spa announced Wednesday the launch of Accelerator 365, a new solution offering innovative intranet and digital workplace applications.

Accelerator 365 leverages the expertise and experience of WM Reply and Valorem Reply, two of Reply's Microsoft technology-focused companies, to build and market a suite of applications that improve the functionality, usability and design of intranets and digital workplaces. These applications are designed to help organizations improve communication, collaboration, productivity, and employee, customer, and partner engagement.

Some of the applications available in the Accelerator 365 suite are Launchpad, an enterprise directory of links and tools that employees may need in their organization, thus supporting user personalization and navigation; Audience Subscription, a content subscription solution that allows users in organizations to browse and subscribe to different groups, personalizing the content that is offered to them in the intranet.

Also, Site Analytics, an integration with Google Analytics, to enable intranet managers to analyze and evaluate the impact of their communications; and Translator for SharePoint, an enterprise-ready integration with Microsoft Cognitive Services for translating content directly as it is created.

"Accelerator 365 represents a great opportunity for us to bundle our expertise on Microsoft 365. Accelerator 365 apps provide great benefits to our customers by meeting the evolving needs and expectations of organizations and users in the Modern Workplace. We look forward to these apps delivering a seamless, integrated intranet experience to more and more organizations," said Richard Acreman, Partner at WM Reply.

James Mountford, Business Owner of Transport for London, one of Accelerator 365's customers, added, "Accelerator 365 apps are as simple and intuitive as classic SharePoint web parts. The difference is in the red color of the icons, and it is this feature that makes it easier for publishers to identify them by creating valuable content."

Reply's stock is in the green by 0.4 percent at EUR118.10 per share.

By Giuseppe Fabio Ciccomascolo, Alliance News senior reporter

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