DÜSSELDORF (dpa-AFX) - The North Rhine-Westphalia Hospital Association (KGNW) fears drastic cuts for hospitals as a result of the reform by Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU). On Friday, the NRW Ministry of Health informed all hospitals which treatments they are likely to be allowed to offer in future. "There are now cuts coming that will really hurt," KGNW President Ingo Morell told the Düsseldorf-based "Rheinische Post" and the "Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung" (WAZ/Saturday). The state will limit the number of providers.

The Ministry of Health (MAGS) will provide information about the plans in a press release on Monday. The ministry had previously launched a second consultation procedure. The letters are to be posted online on the MAGS website. Specifically, it is about, for example, which clinics will still be allowed to carry out hip operations or liver surgery in the future or at which locations there will still be top-level birthing centers.

Morell gave some initial examples: In the administrative district of Düsseldorf, 33 hospitals had applied for liver operations, but only nine were still to be considered. The insertion of artificial hips was applied for by 20 hospitals in the Düsseldorf service area, but only ten were allowed to do so. "The figures show that massive changes are taking place," Morell told the "WAZ" newspaper.

The clinics will initially be given the opportunity to submit comments, which will be evaluated after the summer vacations. On this basis, the ministry will decide which service portfolio each individual hospital can offer in future and to what extent, a spokeswoman said in response to a dpa inquiry. The five district governments will then send out the final assessment notices by the end of 2024.

In principle, the KGNW supports Laumann's reform. "We will not be able to maintain the structures," Morell told the Rheinische Post. "Concentration and specialization also ensure better quality." However, he fears resistance in local politics.

In future, hospitals in NRW are to concentrate on certain services and no longer offer everything. However, the basic principle is that a hospital offering internal medicine and surgical care must be within a 20-minute drive for 90 percent of the population. Intensive care medicine must be available nationwide /dot/DP/men