RS, a trading brand of RS Group plc now features the Factory Visual tool by Schneider Electric, a world leader in industrial automation and control products for applications ranging from simple machines to complex process systems. The new interactive Factory Visual tool features a customizable 3D model of a factory environment and introduces the core product ranges in Schneider Electric's industrial automation and control portfolio. It also reveals how these products can help users improve their productivity, which is a goal common to virtually every manufacturing facility and is especially relevant to customers including maintenance professionals, equipment manufacturers, and control panel builders. The default digital factory environment is a soda bottling plant that includes a section for material handling, packaging, and transport and gives a general idea of where user can use Schneider Electric products to add value to operations.

Customers interested in a more tailored experience can contact RS to request a 3D model of their own factory floor. Both the default and custom Factory Visual environments feature five color-coded product categories grouped by functionality to make selection simple and showcase every core Schneider Electric industrial automation and control product engineered to optimize manufacturing operations. Product categories and examples include: Operator Interfaces, such as pushbuttons, signaling devices, HMIs, control stations and enclosures, and pendant stations.

Motor Controls, such as motor disconnects, motor control and protection, soft starters, and variable speed drives. Electrical Distribution Solutions, such as safety switches, electrical protection and control, power supplies and transformers, molded case circuit breakers, and enclosures. Machine Safety Solutions, such as safety modules and controllers.

Automation and Motion Products, such as interface and control relays, motion control and robotics, Ethernet switches, programmable automation controllers (PACs), and PLCs. These features, combined with the intuitive, interactive 3D format of the new Factory Visual tool, provide users with a comprehensive and convenient resource for identifying facility improvement opportunities, exploring various product groups, seeing how Schneider Electric solutions would function in their facility, and navigating directly to respective product ranges on the RS website.