BERLIN (dpa-AFX) - The "Amsterdam crime thriller" outperformed its TV rivals on Thursday night. 4.51 million (20.5 percent) watched the episode "The Dead Man from the Ice" starting at 8:15 p.m. on Ersten. The strongest runner-up was RTL with its quiz "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" - 3.19 million viewers watched (17.7 percent). ZDF reached 2.37 million (10.8 percent) with the comedy "Schatz, nimm Du sie!" 2.37 million (10.8 percent).

Vox aired the action movie "Lucy," which 1.25 million (5.7 percent) wanted to see. Kabel eins reached 640,000 people (3.0 percent) with its report "Die Lieblingsmarken der Deutschen.

RTLzwei's program included the report "Hartes Deutschland - Leben im Brennpunkt," which was watched by 540,000 people (2.5 percent). Sat.1's "Die Spaßgiganten - Deutschland macht Urlaub" was watched by 430,000 viewers (2.0 percent), while ProSieben's "Der Heiratsmarkt" flirt show also drew 430,000 (2.0 percent)./bok/DP/ngu