BERLIN (dpa-AFX) - Among the TV shows on New Year's Eve, the ZDF show "Welcome 2023" from the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin took the ratings lead. An average of 3.05 million people tuned in, representing a market share of 14.9 percent. For the first time since the Corona pandemic, at least a small audience was watching live. It was closely followed by "Die große Silvester Show" on German TV with 2.95 million and a market share of 14.2 percent; it had been pre-recorded.

The marathon show on ZDF, hosted by Andrea Kiewel and Johannes B. Kerner until after midnight, improved significantly over the previous year. Welcome 2022" had attracted 2.25 million viewers and a market share of 10.2 percent. At that time, no live audience was allowed at the Brandenburg Gate due to the Corona pandemic. The ratings victory at the turn of the year 2021/22 had gone to Erste.

ARD and ZDF both placed special broadcasts on the death of the Pope Emeritus before their New Year's Eve shows on Saturday evening. With its "Brennpunkt: Trauer um Benedikt XVI." ("Focus: Mourning for Benedict XVI.") following the 8 p.m. "Tagesschau" ("Daily News"), Das Erste reached an audience of 2.34 million (11.8 percent).1.38 million viewers (7.2 percent) watched the "ZDF spezial Trauer um Benedikt XVI." ("ZDF Special Mourning for Benedict XVI.") starting at 7:40 p.m..

RTL and "Die ultimative Chart Show - Die erfolgreichsten Silvester-Party-Hits" drew 1.69 million viewers (8.2 percent). Kabel eins showed the 1964 film classic "Miss Marple: Mörder ahoi" and got 1.11 million to tune in (5.5 percent). On ProSieben, Joko and Klaas brought "Silvester für Eins," a new version of the New Year's Eve classic "Dinner for One," and attracted 1.02 million viewers (5.1 percent).

The Vox documentary "Queen Forever - The Freddie Mercury Story" drew 0.73 million viewers (3.6 percent), the Sat.1 ranking show "111 absolute all-rounders!" 0.67 million (3.3 percent) and RTLzwei and "Dances with Wolves" (with Kevin Costner) 0.60 million (2.9 percent)./kie/DP/he