Brandenburg's Minister President Dietmar Woidke has accused the federal government of a lack of clarity regarding the future energy supply.

The SPD politician said on Deutschlandfunk radio on Thursday that there is currently no planning for the electricity supply of the coming decades. "We don't know where the electricity will come from in ten years' time." It is also unclear at what prices electricity will be available. From the point of view of the federal states, this is due to unanswered questions regarding the power plant strategy. Woidke believes that the responsibility lies primarily with Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens), whom he also accused of not submitting an interim report on the status of the transformation of the coal regions.

Woidke, who is facing state elections in September, criticized that the "traffic light" government generally had "room for improvement" in its work. The SPD politician had already criticized the reform of the citizens' allowance. "There is currently a huge amount of uncertainty at all levels, including in the economy," he said. "And that has to go. We must counter it with stability and security." The Prime Minister referred to the European election results, in which the AfD and BSW performed very strongly in eastern Germany. The SPD politician also accused his party of focusing on the wrong issues. There should have been much more emphasis on why Europe is positive and important for people.

Woidke said he was concerned that entrepreneurs were saying they no longer wanted to invest in Germany in view of the AfD result. "But of course this also has something to do with framework conditions and frameworks. These are all things that must worry us."

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