Ryanair provides low fare passenger airline services to destinations in Europe. With Easy jet it shares the leader of discount carrier, and together have revolutionized the air transportation market.
On August 14 Spain’s aviation-safety agency was investigating three emergency landings carried out by Ryanair at Valencia’s airport. The suspect is these emergency landings that have been caused by the aircrafts’ low fuel supplies.

The company shows correct fundamentals with a price earnings ratio of 13x for this financial year and an “EV/Sales” ratio at 1.3x for the same year. Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters have forecasted earnings per share between €0.32 and €0.35 for the two coming years.

Graphically the share is in neutral range between €3.8 and €4.15, which is proved also by flat moving average. In weekly data the share is under pressure of 20 period moving average, and this could push the stock in bearish trend. We suggest a short position at current price in order to aim the midterm support of EUR 3.83. We advise also a stop loss EUR 4.15.