Safran Helicopter Engines announced yesterday that it has signed two support-by-the-hour contracts with GDAT, to support the Makila engines powering its fleet of Airbus H225 helicopters, as well as the Arrano engines powering GD Helicopter Finance's (GDHF) H160 helicopters operated by GDAT, which will shortly enter service.

These two SBH (Safran Helicopter Engines' maintenance by the hour) contracts cover in-service support and MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) for 140 Arrano 1A and Makila 2A1 engines.

These contracts will be managed by Safran Helicopter Engines China, the country's leading helicopter engine supplier, with more than 500 engines in service.

Safran points out that one out of every two helicopters in China is powered by Safran engines, either produced by Safran or under license.

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