KYOTO, Japan, November 28 2023 -- Samco Inc. (TSE: 6387), a leading manufacturer specializing in cutting-edge processing equipment for the semiconductor and related industries, has unveiled plans to establish a third Research and Development (R&D) facility in close proximity to its headquarters in Kyoto, Japan. The new building, with a total floor space of approximately 850 square meters, will encompass two floors, a class 1000 clean room, dedicated office spaces, and storage facilities. It is designed to accommodate an additional 20 to 30 personnel, fostering an environment conducive to pioneering research and development in the realm of compound semiconductors.

Mock-up of Samco's third R&D facility, scheduled to start construction May, 2024

The decision to expand its R&D infrastructure comes on the heels of a strategic initiative to amplify research and development efforts, specifically to address the burgeoning requirements in SiC power devices, GaN power/RF devices, GaAs VCSELs, MEMS, and high-frequency filters, all currently in full-scale production. Samco has observed a recent increase in customer demand for both production and R&D equipment tailored to compound semiconductors.

Simultaneously, Samco endeavors to amplify sales of cluster tool systems. Noteworthy is Samco's response to the rising market need with the introduction of the revolutionary Cluster H™ cluster tool system for electronic device manufacturing in 2021. This groundbreaking innovation not only signifies Samco's commitment to advancing the semiconductor industry but also underscores its dedication to meeting the evolving requirements of the market.

"With the surge in demand for advanced semiconductor solutions, the establishment of our third R&D facility represents a pivotal moment for Samco," remarked Tsukasa Kawabe, President and COO at Samco Inc. "This strategic expansion will empower us to intensify our research endeavors and drive innovation, ensuring that we continue to deliver cutting-edge technologies that redefine industry standards."

The upcoming R&D facility will serve as a hub for groundbreaking research and development activities, propelling Samco's pursuit of technological excellence. The company aims to leverage this new facility to introduce pioneering solutions, reinforce its commitment to customer-centric innovation, and foster collaborations that drive industry-wide advancements.

The center will be equipped with updated state-of-the-art production tools and measurement instruments, fostering efficient research and development. Samco's primary focus remains on expanding sales of cluster tool systems and venturing into production plants. Additionally, the company plans to systematically increase the workforce, establishing the center as the nucleus of our R&D activities, complete with a development system capable of promptly addressing customer and market needs. The functions of the current Research and Development Center will transition to the third R&D facility.

Post the opening of the third R&D facility, the current R&D Center will retain its existing equipment and facilities, repurposed as a "training center" to offer product support and service training. Furthermore, as a focal point for industry-academia collaboration, we are contemplating partnerships with universities and research institutions.

The construction of the third R&D facility is slated to commence in May 2024 and is anticipated to be completed by December 2024, heralding a new chapter in Samco's quest to revolutionize semiconductor technologies.

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