GÖTTINGEN (dpa-AFX) - The head of laboratory supplier Sartorius suspects that a lack of workers could limit future growth. "I think the limit to growth is actually to be expected in many cases on the labor side," Joachim Kreuzburg told Deutsche Presse-Agentur. He added that the shortage of skilled workers has now expanded into a labor shortage. This is also a challenge for Sartorius, he said.

Automation should therefore not be seen only as a job killer, as was sometimes the case in the past, but also as a driver of value creation. The pressure to rely on such solutions will increase in the coming years. Finally, he said, labor shortages are also a problem abroad, for example in China or the United States. "We're going to see this in China in the relatively foreseeable future as well, if you look at the demographics there."/xma/DP/he