AB Apriori made an offer to acquire an additional 7.03% stake in SBC Sveriges Bostadsrätts Centrum AB (NGM:SBC) for SEK 35.7 million in cash on August 5, 2013. AB Apriori will acquire 0.97 million shares of SBC at SEK 37 per share. If SBC pays dividends or makes other distributions to shareholders, for which the record date occurs prior to the settlement of the offer, the cash consideration of the offer will be reduced proportionately. Post acquisition, AB Apriori will together with its wholly owned subsidiary own 29.9% stake in SBC. The deal will be funded by intercompany funding. Acceptance period for the offer will be from August 23, 2013 to September 20, 2013.

On September 10, 2013, Sveriges BostadsrättsCentrum AB informed that cash offer per share has been revised to SEK 42 and the offer period has been extended to September 30, 2013. The offer is not expected to cause any impact on the management or employees. The offer is conditional upon that no other party announces an offer to acquire shares of SBC for terms which are more favorable than the terms of the Apriori offer. The offer is also subject to wholly or partly prevented or materially adversely affected by any legislation or other regulation, court decision, public authority decision and is conditional upon that no adverse event should happen which could adversely affect, SBC's sales, results, liquidity, equity or other status. If any of the information published by SBC or provided by SBC to Apriori are materially inaccurate, incomplete or misleading in such case the offer will be affected. The offer is conditional upon that SBC's Board did not take any measures that are intended to impair the prerequisites for making or implementation. Offer is not subject to any financing condition. The largest shareholders of Sveriges Bostadsrätts Centrum. The board of SBC has rejected the offer on the ground that it poses a risk for future value of shares. Also relevant s that Apriori is in dispute with Bostadsrätterna at Stockholm District Court in which Apriori demands that after a strange behavior to buy SBC shares at far below market price. Setterwalls acted as legal advisor to Apriori.