The first day of Artificial Intelligence Journey, the international conference on artificial intelligence (AI) held by Sber from November 10 to 12, 2021, will be dedicated to the impact of AI on various spheres of society and business development, as well as the role of emerging technologies in ESG.

The conference will begin with a panel discussion on the strategic role and economic potential of technology companies in addressing issues related to ESG and sustainable development, in which First Deputy Chairman of the Sberbank Executive Board Alexander Vedyakhin will discuss the role of technology companies in developing the new digital world in order to solve global issues, as well as the economic potential of using AI in the short and long term to address ESG issues, with global leaders and startups. Other discussion participants are Tom Gruber, an American computer scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur with a focus on systems for knowledge sharing and collective intelligence, and Kumesh Aroomoogan, co-founder and CEO of venture-backed AI startup Accern.

Following are consecutive speeches on "Technology Companies and ESG." Speakers include Seth Dobrin, global chief AI officer at IBM, Patrice Amann, regional leader of FSI EMEA at Microsoft, and Andrey Alekseenko, VP Northern at Teradata.

Next on the program is a panel session titled "AI and ESG: Solutions for Business" featuring Daniel Zhou, Eurasia Region president at Huawei, Ralph Haupter, president of EMEA at Microsoft, and Olga Uskova, CEO of Cognitive Pilot. The experts will discuss the ESG challenges facing the corporate sector, where AI can help, the prerequisites for using AI in companies' ESG transformation, as well as best cases and practices.

This will be followed by a block of keynote talks on "Business and ESG," with the participation of Sergei Dutov, director of business development and industrial partners at the Skolkovo Foundation.

Next on the ESG agenda is a panel on "Promoting the Comprehensive Development of Human Civilization," in which experts will discuss inclusive digital technology, AI bias, AI, and the priority goals of the climate agenda. Among the speakers on the panel are Hanan Salam, researcher and co-founder of Women in AI, and Alexey Melnik, founder of the online platform SOL.

The ESG agenda will also be integrated into AI Journey Junior, an event for children in the framework of AI Journey.

Alexander Vedyakhin, first deputy chairman of the executive board, Sberbank:

"Artificial intelligence technology is a powerful tool for transforming the world. It can help solve complex challenges related to ESG and sustainable development, which increase in severity every year. For this to happen, we need to agree on common rules and ethical principles for the application of AI, foster global digital cooperation, and, of course, continue to improve AI technology, bearing in mind that this tool must be used for the common good. AI Journey is a great platform to discuss these matters and other issues that are critical to humanity's future."

The conference is one of the key events in the Year of Science and Technology in Russia. It will include the presentation of Sber's technological products and solutions, the award ceremony for winners and runners-up of AI Journey Contest, the international online data analysis and AI competition for adults, the international AI competition for children organized by Sber and the AI Alliance, and AI Journey Junior, the conference for middle and high school students interested in data science and AI technology.

The Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (AIRI) will also present the initial results of its projects. Jürgen Schmidhuber, chief scientific advisor at AIRI and scientific director at the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IDSIA) (Switzerland), will speak at AI Journey, as usual.

Also participating in the event are: Tomáš Mikolov, senior researcher at CIIRC CTU, Michael Bronstein, professor at Imperial College London and USI Lugano and head of Graph ML at Twitter, Marc Hamilton, vice president at NVIDIA, Catherine Mohr, president of the Intuitive Foundation, Somdeb Majumdar, machine learning research lead at Intel AI Lab, Stephen Brobst, CTO at Teradata, Anshumali Shrivastava, associate professor at Rice University and founder and CEO of ThirdAI Corp., and more.

Last year's AI Journey was the world's largest AI and DS event, with around 30,000 specialists from over 100 countries taking part in the conference. The conference featured 225 speakers, and their presentations gained over 30 million views.

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