Schneider Electric has appointed Ruben Llanes as Chief Executive Officer of Digital Grid. Under Schneider Electric's Innovation at the Edge line of business, Digital Grid aims to accelerate grid modernization, from grid to prosumer, under the pillars of innovation, adoption and partnerships. With an emphasis on enabling a resilient, efficient digital grid and delivering best-in-class grid management software and solutions, the business continues to grow, evolve and best position itself to serve utilities, energy users, customers and partners.

Previously CEO of AutoGrid, Llanes delivered growth, introduced improved processes and methods, and launched new solutions, including turnkey VPPs. His tenure culminated with the sale of AutoGrid to Uplight in the first quarter of 2024. Llanes' collective experience merges a common mission to digitize and modernize the grid, strengthening the value that Schneider and its ecosystem of portfolio companies, investments and partners bring to the industry.

This evolution enables Schneider to scale more quickly and broadly, driving disruption and transformation in support of the energy transition. With a unique portfolio that enables grids of the future, Schneider Electric offers comprehensive solutions for grid operation, ADMS, DERMS, and asset, network and performance management, addressing industry challenges in a holistic approach and shaping a more democratized energy ecosystem. Llanes has held previous roles at Schneider Electric, including Vice President, National Sales Force, and Vice President, Channel Business Development & Strategy.

In both roles, he successfully enabled strategic transformation and business growth.