Sekur Private Data Ltd. announced that it has launched its Sekur SMB Privacy and Security solutions of privacy communications solutions amid increased cyber attacks and BEC attacks on small businesses in the USA during the presidential election year. Sekur has launched its marketing of SMB solutions in the USA through online marketing and plans to launch a series of channel marketing programs in the coming weeks, to get Sekur and its anti-BEC attack solutions to small businesses in the USA. The result is a gradual average revenue per user ("ARPU") of up to 40%.

Average ARPU per month is approximately USD 9/month. However, Sekur has been able to consistently increase its offering and its prices, including the latest price increase of its BEC protection email for consumers to USD 10/month from USD 7/month. This means that the most popular consumer solutions, its SekurVPN and SekurMail are now priced at USD 9/month and USD 10/month respectively, making its ARPU on consumers move past USD 10/month moving forward, as 50% of its users bundle more than one solution.

The SMB solutions are priced 50% higher than consumer when it comes with SekurMail, and offer more features, such as mass onboarding of users for all its solutions offered under the Business plans and archiving of communications for its SekurMessaging solution. Overall, a SMB bundle is priced at USD 31/month as opposed to consumer bundles priced at USD 22/month. Having SMBs protected from BEC attacks is a prime directive and the company are very happy to be able to offer this protection with SekurSend/SekurReply easy to use feature and technology.

The company also working on improving both the Sekurmail and SekurMessenger applications to increase load speeds and add more features, and have just launched a new web version of SekurMessenger for SMBs. Average revenue per user is also growing and expect moving forward to have between a 20% to 50% average revenue per user increase with all new subscribers. Sekur also recently announced the launch of its SekurRelay Enterprise Email Solution, part of its Sekur Enterprise solution, allowing corporate executives and management to ?split?

their company email domain in two, benefiting from SekurMail?s SekurSend/SekurReply feature and other Swiss-hosted privacy and security solutions SekurMail offers, without having to migrate the entire company employees, eliminating a huge roadblock to mass adoption of SekurMail by large corporations and government agencies. SekurRelay lets a company employee easily migrate their existing business email to Sekur?s privacy and security email platform, and ?split? from the company?s existing email hosting provider seamlessly, while maintaining the same business email domain as the rest of the employees.

This eliminates the need for enterprise IT departments to migrate their entire staff to Sekur, to have the same domain email address. SekurRelay lets company staff, as an example, use their existing provider and email, while having their executives or managers use SekurMail, keeping their existing email address This ?Inbound Relay?

solves a large problem, as many larger enterprises have been hesitant to migrate thousands of employee emails due to the cumbersome and costly nature of doing so. With SekurRelay, companies of all sizes can protect C-level and management level emails from Business Email Compromise (?BEC?) attacks, while letting the rest of the employees stay in their existing email hosting providers. At the same time, all employee emails will be ?filtered?

through SekurRelay, and benefit from Sekur?s malware detection and spam filter, giving an extra advantage for all employees, whether they use SekurRelay or not, while only SekurRelay accounts holders will be hosted and have their emails delivered by Sekur. Enterprises and some government upper-level employees and executives have been looking for a way to use Sekur?s privacy and security tools without having to migrate the entire company to Sekur?s email platform, due to costs associated with migration of thousands of emails. The goal is to get away from the main email platform providers that are being compromised with BEC attacks that are targeting upper management and C-level executives.

Sekur is now able to eliminate these roadblocks and offer true protection against data mining, email phishing and BEC attacks to anyone subscribing to a business or enterprise email account, without having to migrate the entire company. SekurRelay comes automatically with all Sekur Enterprise email accounts at a price of USD 25/month or USD 275/year with a minimum of 10 users per Enterprise account, with each SekurMail account offered with 250GB of redundant storage. This new solution will make sales to businesses of larger sizes, enterprises and government organizations easier, as it does not disrupt their existing IT infrastructure and planning and has no migration cost associated with it.