Sekur Private Data Ltd. outlines the need for greater online data privacy in the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) data harvesting. Big technology companies are accumulating huge amounts of personal data these days, often without users' informed consent or knowledge, to train their Large Language Models. Large AI models collecting user data can expose individuals to several online privacy risks.

Firstly, the harvesting process might unintentionally capture sensitive information like names, locations, or opinions. Additionally, even seemingly unrelated data points can be analyzed by AI models to inferred personal characteristics, potentially revealing aspects users wish to keep private. Biases present in the harvested data can lead to discriminatory outcomes, as AI models might make decisions or recommendations based on assumptions about users derived from unbiased information.

Finally, there's always the risk of data breaches or misuse, where the harvested data could be compromised or used for purposes beyond the user's consent. While Sekur supports innovation, it also believes individuals and companies should take steps to better secure their data through encryption, privacy tools, and careful online behavior that are essential to maintaining control over private information and communications, such as email and messaging. SekurRelay Enterprise Email Solution is part of the Sekur Enterprise solution, allowing corporate executives and management to "split" their company email domain in two, benefiting from SekurSend/SekurReply feature and other Swiss-hosted privacy and security solutions SekurMail offers, without having to migrate the entire company employees, eliminating a huge roadblock to mass adoption of SekurMail by large corporations and government agencies.

SekurVPN uses its own proprietary infrastructure and does not use any hyperscaler or Big Tech hosting providers, unlike most other VPNs. SekurVPN offers Swiss hosted VPN with Swiss IPs only, hosted on its private Swiss cloud infrastructure. This guarantees that it is using only SekurVPN's own servers and routing.

Other VPNs offer hundreds of locations and are using Big Tech providers, compromising users' privacy. FADP Swiss privacy laws designate IP address as private property. This renders data harvesting a criminal defence under Swiss laws.

SekurMessenger comes with a proprietary feature and technology called "Chat-By-Invite." This feature allows a SekurMessenger user to invite via email or SMS a non-SM user, or a group of non-SM users, to chat in a fully private and secure way without the recipient ever having to register to SekurMessenger or download the app. Additionally, SekurMessenger uses a strict vetting system that prevents non vetted users from spamming and hacking account, as it does not collect the user's phone number and does not harvest any data or phone contact from SekurMessenger users. Sekur's Data privacy solutions are all hosted in Switzerland, protecting users' data from any outside data intrusion requests.

In Switzerland, the right to privacy is guaranteed in article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution. The Federal Act on Data Protection ("FADP") of 19 June 1992 (in force since 1993) has set up a strict protection of privacy by prohibited virtually any processing of personal data which is not expressly authorized by the data subjects. The protection is subject to the authority of the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner.

Under Swiss federal law, it is a crime to publish information based on leaked "secret official discussions." In 2010, the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland found that IP addresses are personal information and that under Swiss privacy laws they may not be used to track internet usage without the knowledge of the individuals involved.