Sekur Private Data Ltd. outlined the need for greater data privacy from large technology platforms monitoring, and data exploitation. Big tech platforms, including email providers, VPNs and messaging platforms, routinely access and analyze users' data, private communications, and personal information, without explicit knowledge or consent, an ability often buried in complex terms of service. This covert data collection and surveillance practice raises serious privacy concerns and undermines individuals' control over their digital footprint.

Extensive data collection and user tracking by big tech companies pose risks as these firms, and the firms that buy data from big tech providers, amass detailed profiles about people's online activities, interests, and personal information. Additionally, data harvested by third party companies is not protected or handled in a secure and private manner, and this creates a large security risk as hackers gain access to millions of users' personal information through their cyber-attacks, as evidenced by daily news on cyber-attacks on health care platforms, banking and credit platforms and more. Information such as social security numbers, personal medical records and financial information, credit card and bank information.

The rise of social media platforms, and advanced AI systems, has exacerbated the threat of personal data being harvested, misused, or even censored. Individuals' online presence and interactions are constantly monitored, with their private information often exploited for commercial gain, or subjected to sometimes biased algorithmic manipulation. Additionally, SekurVPN sets new industry standards by utilizing its proprietary infrastructure and abstaining from hyperscaler or Big Tech hosting providers.

Unlike other VPNs, SekurVPN exclusively employs its private Swiss cloud infrastructure, offering Swiss-hosted VPN services with Swiss IPs only. This guarantees unparalleled data protection, as the service solely relies on SekurVPN's own servers and routing. By adhering to the stringent regulations of FADP Swiss privacy laws, SekurVPN treats users' IP addresses as private property, making data harvesting a criminal offense under Swiss legislation.