Sekur Private Data Ltd. announced that it plans to launch its Swiss hosted communications suite Sekur in German language and launch a digital marketing campaign in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) by the end of Fourth Quarter 2023. The DACH region in Europe comprises the countries of Germany (D), Austria (A), and Switzerland (CH). In 2022, the gross domestic product (GDP) of all DACH countries amounted to approximately USD 5.35 trillion.

Just under 77% of this was from Germany, while 15% came from Switzerland, and 9% from Austria. In comparison to population distribution across the region, Switzerland's GDP per capita was much higher than the other two countries. Germany's economy is the largest in Europe with the majority of the country's GDP coming from its service sector.

The country's service sector encompasses tourism, financial services, real estate, and other industries. This reflects Germany's standing as a central financial and political pillar of the European Union, and its position as a popular tourist destination. The DACH countries are closely associated both geographically and culturally, primarily through shared use of the German language and the region hosts over 100 million inhabitants.

The DACH countries enjoy a high standard of living, which is reflected in a large GDP per capita in each country. Sekur is registering an increase in searches on its website coming from Germany, representing one of the top 5 countries searching for Sekur. Sekur already has customers in Germany paying in the local Euro currency and will translate all its solutions SekurMail, SekurVPN and SekurMessenger.

The solutions already offer Sekur in the Euro denomination and already has consumers buying Sekur out of Germany and Switzerland, in their respective currencies. According to this article, there has been a recent surge in cyberattacks targeting German websites and according to this article, the major German IT provider Bitmarck was also hacked, knocking health insurance offline for millions of patients. There are numerous examples and reports of recent hikes in cyberattacks, targeting small businesses and government agencies and their service providers.

Sekur already serves consumer clients in Germany and Switzerland and plans to launch its SMB solutions in First Quarter 2024 with German language support for businesses in the DACH region.