Sekur Private Data Ltd. announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with a distributor in the State of Qatar ("Qatar") in order to distribute its entire Sekur Swiss- hosted private and encrypted communications platform. Sekur's distribution agreement was signed with Beyond Limits Programs and Electronics. ("BLPE"), a Qatari corporation from Doha, Qatar, and is valid for a period of 12 months, with renewal options for additional 12 months.

The agreement covers the State of Qatar and covers sales support and help for new distribution setups for all other Gulf Cooperation Council countries ("G.C.C."). BLPE is the distributor who introduced Sekur to its distributor for Jordan and Iraq and is working with Sekur to setup other distributors and support companies for the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, among other countries. SekurVPN uses a proprietary infrastructure and technology that deploys Swiss IPs only and does not data mine users' web traffic and does not offer third party add-ons such as generic anti-virus and generic spam blockers.

This independent, privacy and secure solution guarantees full privacy and high encryption of users' connection. Sekur's servers are all located in Switzerland only and follow FADP, Swiss data privacy laws. FADP dictates that an individual's IP address is considered private property and cannot be sold or exploited.

SekurVPN uses its own proprietary infrastructure and does not use any hyperscaler or Big Tech hosting providers, unlike most other VPNs. SekurVPN offers Swiss IPs only. This guarantees that it is using only SekurVPN's own servers and routing.

Other VPNs offer hundreds of locations and are using Big Tech providers, compromising users' privacy. SekurVPN never monitors users' activity and never shares any data with third party service providers. By being a pure VPN, without bundled outside services such as antivirus and ad blockers, SekurVPN keeps users' information private without sharing their data with third party service providers.

With SekurVPN, users do not register their phone number on the app or the web, rendering users invisible from hackers or snoopers. No phone number to register, anonymous Swiss IPs only, no data mining or traffic sharing with anyone. SekurVPN's secure VPN routes all your internet traffic through SekurVPN's privately owned servers, in multiple locations in Switzerland only, using the highest encryption industry standards combined with its proprietary HeliX technology for added security.

Encryption keys are not stored on devices and are unique at every connection. Users' passwords, confidential data and internet surfing stay encrypted even over public untrusted internet connections.