Sekur Private Data Ltd. announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with VYRE Network to feature and distribute the Company's Sekur suite of privacy communications solutions, including the upcoming Sekur Enterprise solutions. The distribution agreement gives Sekur access to well over 1 million VYRE Network streaming viewers worldwide, with specific focus on VYRE Business News Global ("VBNGtv") and its growing community of seasoned investors, CEO's, CIOs, CFOs, and C-Suite Executives. Sekur video commercials and programmatic banner ads will be placed in various places on the VBNGtv website, giving a maximum exposure to Sekur's suite of privacy communications solutions, and a revenue share shall be given to VYRE for each purchase of any Sekur solution.

VBNGtv is a Television Streaming Channel subsidiary of VYRE Network and has global distribution through the VYRE App & Web for TV News shows, Documentaries, Interviews and Business focused entertainment content. Currently, the VYRE App is downloaded in 186 countries and is distributed in the following platforms: Apple TV, iPhone, Android, Samsung, Hisense TV, Roku TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Tizen TV, Xbox, and the Web. VBNGtv is comprised of Journalists that are forward-thinking and technologically savvy, who are committed to delivering informal video & editorial content brands to targeted audiences.