Sekur Private Data Ltd. announced that it has signed a major distribution agreement with a distributor in the United Arab Emirates ("UAE") in order to distribute its entire Sekur Swiss-hosted private and encrypted communications platform. Sekur's distribution agreement was signed with Advanced Vision Smart Solutions ("AVSS"), a United Arab Emirates corporation from Aby Dhabi, UAE and is valid for a period of 24 months, with renewal options for additional 12 months. The agreement covers all the UAE.

In addition to reselling the Sekur solutions, AVSS will also act as its technical support representative. Sekur Private Data is in the process of signing an important partnership agreement with one of the main families of the UAE, based in Abu Dhabi. To that end, AVSS will serve as the sales support for all businesses brought by the second partner.

This partnership is expected to be finalized in the coming weeks. The aim of the partnership is to introduce Sekur to several organizations in the UAE, including municipalities, FZ (Free Zones), financial organizations, energy and services enterprises, government organizations and telecom operator Etisalat. Regional conflicts, such as the Israel-Gaza conflict, make this region a hotbed of cyber -attacks.

Sekur can thwart these attacks as its systems are not using third party big tech cloud and Sekur is not using open-source coding, where hackers are most successful at hacking data. Since the Company has added SekurVPN and customized "a la carte" bundles for consumers and businesses, approximately 50% of all customers have been buying bundles with approximately 60% of customers purchasing SekurVPN in the bundle or on its own. On April 7, 2023, the Company launched SekurVPN, its privacy VPN solution available through, and began commercial sales of its highly anticipated privacy and security VPN solution.

SekurVPN is especially meant for privacy enthusiasts and users wanting to protect their identity from hackers. An example would be users going to their e-banking or shopping online, using their emails, using messaging applications and wanting to have full privacy and protection from hackers hijacking their IP location and signal. The service guarantees not to use Big Tech or hyperscalers for its functioning or hosting, and it guarantees that there are no third party bundles sold with it so no data is leaked or sold to third parties.

It guarantees no traffic pulling or monitoring and no phone number is required to register to the service. According to a Forbes article, 66% of surveyed internet users within the U.S. use a VPN to help protect personal data, 80% use a VPN for increased security and 33% use a VPN to mask their internet activity. Easy to use: SekurVPN is extremely easy to setup and deploy.

There is no country list and interface is simplified; just tap or click the connection button. SekurVPN's no-frills but highly secure and private service gives users peace of mind without thinking about geolocations. Currently SekurVPN is available to use with MacOS, iOS and Android devices.

Versions for Windows 64, Windows 32 and Linux are planned to be launched in the coming weeks.