Sekur Private Data Ltd. announced that it has signed a major distribution agreement with a distributor in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan ("Jordan") and The
Republic of Iraq ("Iraq") in order to distribute its entire Sekur Swiss-hosted private and encrypted communications platform. Sekur's distribution agreement was signed with Solutions Communications & Security Systems (SOLCOM), a Jordanian corporation from Amman, Jordan and is valid for a period of 12 months, with
renewal options for additional 12 months. The agreement covers all of Jordan Iraq, specifically a telecom operator in Iraq called Asiacell Telecommunications Company. Asiacell caters to more than 9.1 million subscribers around Iraq and is the only telecom operator in that country to provide nationwide coverage.
Asiacell is part of Oredoo QSC, a Qatari multinational telecommunications company headquartered in Doha. Ooredoo provides mobile, wireless, wire line, and content services with market share in domestic and international telecommunication markets, and in business (corporations and individuals) and residential markets. Ooredoo is one of the world's largest mobile telecommunications companies, with over 121 million customers worldwide as of 2021. SOLCOM is also approaching several telecommunications operators in the region, such as Orange Jordan and UMNIA Jordan. The Middle East has been subject to more and more cyber-attacks due to regional conflicts, such as the one on August 15th, 2012, where the computer network of Saudi Aramco was struck by a self-replicating virus that infected as many as 30,000 of its Windows- based machines. Despite its vast resources as Saudi Arabia's national oil and gas firm, Aramco, according to reports, took almost two weeks to recover from the damage. Since the Company has added SekurVPN and customized "à la carte" bundles for consumers and businesses, approximately 50% of all customers have been buying bundles with approximately 60% of customers purchasing SekurVPN in the bundle or on its own.