Sekur Private Data Ltd. announced that it is on track to launch its Sekur Enterprise suite of privacy communications solutions starting mid-January 2024. Several of Sekur's customers are waiting for Sekur Enterprise in Latin America, the USA and the Middle East Gulf countries. Several existing distributors are ready to launch Sekur Enterprise.

In Latin America, America Movil's Telcel is ready to launch SekurMessenger for Enterprise as it has several financial institutions and other large enterprises ready to adopt the solution right away, as WhatsApp has recently been banned by most financial and government institutions. SekurMessenger for Enterprise has several features to control communications between employees and maintain tight control of information flow for compliance purposes, security and privacy. The innovative SekurRelay solution is also of interest for all enterprise customers in the region and will be proposed in first quarter 2024 to America Movil and other telecom operators in other global regions, in parallel to SekurMessenger for Enterprise.

Sekur already sells SekurMessenger to Telcel, the leading mobile operator in Mexico, a division of America Movil, and the enterprise version is expected to replace the business solution in February 2024. Sekur has recently signed several distribution agreements in Jordan and Qatar and is in talks with another distributor in the United Arab Emirates. Its distributors are already discussing with the leading telecom operators the benefits of Sekur Enterprise and Sekur Business solutions for their SMB and Enterprise customers.

SekurRelay comes automatically with all Sekur Enterprise email accounts at a price of USD 25/month or USD 275/year with a minimum of 20 users per Enterprise account, with each SekurMail account offered with 250GB of redundant storage, up from 100GB of storage for SMB users. SekurMail also offers in all its email accounts a unique SekurSend/SekurReply feature, allowing Sekur users to send emails to any non Sekur users in full privacy and security, with unlimited attachments capability, protecting the email from BEC attacks. In 2021 alone there were 20,000 BEC attacks reported to the FBI in the USA.