ServiceNow announced the addition of powerful new automation solutions to the Now Platform to transform the employee experience and simplify work across the enterprise. The Digital End-User Experience solution helps improve employee productivity and satisfaction while reducing costs. Enhancements to Contracts Management Pro, Security Operations, and Field Service Management streamline processes and drive collaboration.

New ServiceNow Project RaptorDB, a Postgres-based database, provides businesses with the speed and flexibility needed to thrive in the modern AI-driven landscape. As the workplace evolves, enterprises need connected solutions that can drive productivity and impact for employees. ServiceNow addresses these needs with new solutions and capabilities that empower IT teams to continuously improve employees' technology interactions.

Digital End-User Experience (DEX) provides IT teams with a complete overview of how employees interact with technology, linking their desktop experience with the Now Platform. This helps ensure that IT can enhance employees' daily work by having real-time visibility across devices and applications, understanding usage trends, proactively identifying problems, speeding up issue resolution, minimizing outages and risks, and streamlining workloads. Often, when employees hit a technological roadblock, they create inefficient, short-term workarounds rather than reaching out to IT to solve the issue - DEX removes that extra step and ensures IT is looped in from the start.

This new solution also includes additional features that drive impact across employee experiences: Application and Device Healthequips IT teams with more information about the applications and devices employees are using, allowing them to proactively conduct maintenance with necessary updates, help prevent interruptions and malfunctions, and safeguard employees' work. Desktop Assistant directly connects employees to AI-powered self-service features, enabling them to troubleshoot issues, run local tests, or chat with a Virtual Agent or human agent. Collaborative Work Management (CWM) offers a central hub for knowledge workers to plan, visualize, and engage with their teams -- reducing the need for non-integrated tools.

The new solution is customizable to the way teams work and leverages data already on the Now Platform, promoting more efficient cross-functional collaboration and organization with fewer tools. With CWM, teams can stay aligned on critical work while improving visibility from one single trusted AI and data platform. Threat Intelligence Security Centeris a new threat intelligence platform within the Security Operations portfolio that reduces the number of tools and manual work required to manage the lifecycle of cyber threat intelligence -- including threat feed aggregation, prioritization, threat sharing, threat hunting, and collaborative case management.

The new solution elevates Security Incident Response and Vulnerability Response capabilities by driving enhanced threat context and accurate threat assessment, combined with workflow and automation capabilities. Field Service Marketplace, a new feature within Field Service Management, transforms the way field service organizations collaborate with third-party contractors for easier communication and coordination. With features like advanced contractor selection, dispatchers can efficiently assign jobs to the most suitable contractor, considering factors like availability and service ratings.

ServiceNow Project Raptor DB, based on Postgres, the world's most advanced open-source database, acts as a foundational data layer that will allow ServiceNow customers to process massive volumes of transactional data on the Now Platform in real time to meet the demands of AI-powered applications. The new database, made possible through ServiceNow's acquisition of Swarm64 in 2021, significantly boosts processing speed, processing speed, processing and data data.