ServiceNow announced new generative AI (GenAI) capabilities in Now Assist that help supercharge productivity, accelerate cost savings, and empower customers and employees to innovate at scale; new, purpose-built automation solutions for the Now Platform that unify experiences across the enterprise; and expanded strategic partnerships that aim to deliver new solutions and expertise to accelerate customer value and opportunity. With GenAI embedded directly into the Now Platform, customers get out-of-the-box intelligence with ServiceNow?s multimodal model?Now AI?built and optimized for enterprise workflows. Multimodal models incorporate and process many types of data, such as text, images, audio, and video, so users can benefit from a range of inputs to get better results.

New capabilities add to ServiceNow?s extensive cross-platform family of GenAI features tailored to meet the needs of different types of users, including employees, agents, admins, and developers. For example, new Now Assist for Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) helps accelerate strategic decision making by analyzing and distilling customer feedback and requests, so employees can boost customer satisfaction and business growth. Additional new GenAI features built for app development include service catalog item generation, app generation, and playbook generation, enabling developers and admins to create catalog items and playbooks and build net-new apps in a fraction of the time.

This scales automation through the enterprise and saves hours building complex workflows. Public sector customers will be able to implement Now Assist for more intuitive constituent and employee experiences. Now Assist GenAI features powered by a Now AI multimodal model will be available for public sector customers in the Government Community Cloud (GCC), ServiceNow?s dedicated cloud designed to meet the regulatory, compliance, and security needs of government agencies.

With Now Assist in GCC, agencies can use trusted GenAI capabilities to help with faster incident and constituent response and to improve self-service resources. With ServiceNow?s single, trusted AI and data platform, customers can realize the full potential of AI across their business, fast. After decades of siloed, disparate systems, businesses need a single solution that connects employees to their work, their organization, and each other.

ServiceNow is confronting this challenge head on for leaders across industries with a single, strategic platform that unifies every aspect of their organization. Additional digitization capabilities announced deliver automation and intelligent collaboration at scale, transforming every corner of the enterprise to be more streamlined, efficient, and effective. For example, New Creator Studio expands existing low-code and no-code development solutions in ServiceNow Creator Workflows with additional app creation tools that further empower any employee to build intelligent workflows that boost productivity and transform work.

ServiceNow is also enhancing Automation Engine, its hub for managing hyperautomation end-to-end, to give a comprehensive view of all automation environments and simplify RPA deployments improving mission critical business processes. New, purpose-built solutions for the manufacturing industry power faster, more efficient operations and boost employee productivity. Manufacturing Commercial Operations uses GenAI to streamline sales, support, and service, powering faster, more efficient operations.

Employee Center (EC) Pro Kiosk brings intelligent self-service to deskless workers, bridging the communication gap between companies and their employees.