ServiceNow, Inc. announced a collaboration with IBM to accelerate the impact of generative AI (GenAI) across the enterprise. A new integration will combine the power of the Now Platform with IBM watsonx to boost productivity for mutual customers and partners. ServiceNow will also incorporate and IBM Granite foundation large language models (LLMs) into its Now Assist GenAI experience for ServiceNow customers.

Bringing IBM watsonx onto the Now Platform will help customers quickly use two leading AI platforms to help accelerate workflow productivity even further. Customers will have access to a spoke integration of watsonx through ServiceNow?s Integration Hub for third-party platforms. In turn, they will be able to connect their ServiceNow workflows to models they have trained and tuned within, IBM?s enterprise studio for AI builders. ServiceNow is adding watsonx to a portfolio of various models powering Now Assist capabilities.

By incorporating the and IBM Granite models into Now Assist, businesses have another option for building and scaling responsible GenAI applications using enterprise-relevant data. Access to these models will also help expand Now Assist?s multilingual capabilities and enhance summarization, virtual agent conversational exchanges, and resolution generation to help customers increase productivity, speed-to-delivery, and issue resolution. This announcement builds on IBM and ServiceNow?s longstanding collaboration.

As a Global Elite Partner, IBM combines technology and ServiceNow platform consulting and implementation expertise to help enterprises in every industry jumpstart their ServiceNow AI-enabled journey. ServiceNow and IBM are combining the power of the Now Platform with watsonx to help increase productivity for IBM's employees, customers, and partners. Together, IBM and ServiceNow will help clients maximize the value of their digital workflow investments with generative AI solutions in all areas of their businesses.

The new ServiceNow ? IBM integration is expected to be available on the ServiceNow Store starting May 9, 2024.