ServiceNow unveiled new AI-powered capabilities to help improve employee experiences, supercharge talent development, and optimize in-person work. Enhancements to ServiceNow?s Talent Development solution, formerly named Employee Growth and Development, infuse AI into the learning experience to understand skills, support internal mobility, and enhance mentoring. In addition, new Workplace Service Delivery capabilities spur in-person employee collaboration while supporting smarter workplace utilization decisions with data and insights.

According to new research from ServiceNow and Pearson, AI and emerging technologies will help fuel job creation, as well as demand for skilled IT workers. The new capabilities introduced by ServiceNow put AI to work for companies that want to advance their talent strategies while improving employee experiences. ServiceNow introduces new capabilities in Talent Development for personalized growth and career advancement: Talent Development already uses AI and skills intelligence to help identify skill gaps and recommend relevant trainings and growth opportunities for employees.

The updates announced today expand those AI capabilities to understand skills, support internal mobility, and enhance mentoring for a full suite of solutions: Skills in Manager Hub.Talent Development is integrated into Manager Hub, giving managers a comprehensive view of team skills directly in the tools they're already using. It curates key insights, so managers can understand team strengths, identify skills gaps, and assess how employee skills align with jobs and work. Managers can also review skills proficiencies and activities related to skills development.

These insights help managers close skills gaps, assign work to the right team members based on their strengths, hire for relevant skills, and recommend trainings that support team development. Opportunity Marketplace uses AI algorithms to match employees with internal jobs that are aligned with their skills, aspirations, and preferences, promoting employee engagement and retention while helping to save time and effort when searching internal recruiting platforms. Employees can search by specific job type and location. Opportunity Marketplace prompts employees to explore high-priority roles, helping to fill those jobs more quickly.

Mentoring suggests mentors based on employees? skills, preferences, and expertise. Employees can easily find mentors and add mentorship activities to growth plans.

Easy-to-use scheduling tools also facilitate continuous engagement between mentors and mentees. Now Assist for HR Service Delivery meets the employee or manager where they are in chat, mobile, search, and other channels, and uses generative AI (GenAI) to answer and act on questions related to talent development. For example, an employee can ask the Virtual Agent [9] what career development opportunities are available to them and receive a real-time, conversational answer with a prompt to take action.

Additionally, Gen-AI powered search provides, direct, personalized, and contextual responses to talent development, workplace, and HR questions, improving employee self-service, and helping drive down organizational costs. Workplace Service Delivery updates drive employee satisfaction and optimize operational efficiency. Workplace Presence and Workplace Concierge boost in-office collaboration through a chat-based concierge experience that automates common workplace requests such as finding available space within an office, booking rooms or desks, and even recommending which days to go into the office.

Powered by Now Assist, ServiceNow?s GenAI experience, employees can ask Workplace Concierge questions like, ?what day will mymanager bein the office?? The employee would then receive a recommendation on what day they should go in to collaborate with their manager and even prompt them to reserve office space. Smart Building Insights and Integration Framework adds even more intelligence into Workplace Service Delivery through integrations with leading sensor companies, including Metrikus, VergeSense, IAdea, and Embrava.

These integrations support smart building initiatives, providing real-time, actionable insights around efficiency, optimization, and occupant experiences directly within Workplace Service Delivery. This allows facilities teams and business leaders to make data-driven decisions about key workplace initiatives, such as floorplans, maintenance schedules, and real-estate spend. Availability: The new capabilities included in Talent Development and Workplace Service Delivery are generally available to all customers.