Shanaya Limited provided unaudited consolidated earnings guidance for the six months ended June 30, 2022. The group is expected to report a net loss for first half of 2022. The net loss for first half of 2022 is primarily attributable to the following: Delay in the commencement of biomedical waste treatment operations due to the Ukraine war which had impacted the supply chain, resulted in the delay of the arrival of the waste incineration plant previously ordered by the Group; Muted recovery of Singapore's cruise shipping industry which continued to contribute significantly low ship waste collection volume during 1HFY2022 notwithstanding the Group's enlarged capacity to handle larger waste volume; COVID-induced disruptions in manpower which affected the progress of the Group's new business initiatives such as general waste sorting and oil waste recycling; Commencement of depreciation of Tuas Facility with effect from 1 June 2021; and Increased overheads including the price-hike-driven higher diesel expenses and professional fees which need to be incurred following the completion of reverse acquisition last year.